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Sprunt is an international design studio focusing on Architecture, Landscape, Masterplanning and Infrastructure.

With offices in London and Johannesburg our work is grounded in context, developed with creativity and delivered through experience.

The practice’s rich mix of design skills enables us to look beyond the immediate site to the wider context, creating buildings and spaces that that are inspiring, efficient and enduring. 



Sprunt is known as a company that is both design-driven and client focused, with a passion for making a difference through great design effectively delivered. Underpinning everything we do are a set of core values: collaboration, design quality, innovation and sustainability.



We work with our clients from the outset to identify sites, develop financial models and progress projects.

We believe that developing enduring relationships with all our stakeholders, clients, residents, staff, partners and suppliers is its own reward. We understand our success is based on the trust we build with all our stakeholders.

Through over 30 years experience we understand the complexities of funding, planning, community engagement and local environmental conditions which are all conducive to building successful projects. 


Stonegrove bird's eye view consultation_



With over 30 years experience seeing projects through to completion, we have acted as Project Lead on large scale masterplans, audited and improved the efficiency of schemes post planning and delivered complexed projects in Europe and Africa. 

We are a resilient organisation, agile in responding to new technology, business opportunities and changing patterns of working. This is evident in our early embrace of BIM, modern methods of construction and collaborative working. This is further enhanced by our openness and experience of working for overseas clients, supported by our twin locations in London and Johannesburg.

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Architecture, Landscape & Urban Design


We believe that a coherent combination of Architecture, Landscape and Urban design is important to the success of communities. We strive to design buildings and their setting that meet the challenges of modern society, that positively support the lives of people and organisations and that endure and improve with age.

To deliver this vision we have built a company with the skills and capacity to take projects through every stage from concept to completion with a team of urban designers, concept architects and architectural technologists skilled in delivering projects efficiently.


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Research & Development


Research and design are key to our progressive outlook. We have a dedicated studio which runs in parallel to the practice widening the debate on architecture, economics, sociology and the environment.  Our research is part of an international conversation with our collaborators about how we can create liveable, socially vibrant and healthy places societies.  

From our early regeneration of the Peyps estate in London, to our more recent inner city regeneration of Johannesburg we have used research and post occupancy analysis to inform fundamental design strategies, such as retrofit or rebuild and its impact on environmental and social sustainability.

Our work in Europe, Africa and Asia brings together a diverse team beyond the discipline of architecture that is open minded, socially conscious and above all optimistic about our future. 

Hospital Zambia copy.jpg

Peyps Estate, Refurbishment London


Academy_Court_ (37) copy.jpg

Stonegrove Regeneration, London



End Street, Mixed refurb and new build,



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